5 Types of Garage Door Materials

A quality garage door can last for decades. If you’re in the market for something new, it’s helpful to know what types of materials are most commonly used in today’s garage doors. The material you select can enhance your home, protect your belongings and influence your garage’s lifespan and durability.

Here are five common types of garage door materials and the benefits of each:

  1. Steel - Steel is the most durable garage door material on the market. Several layers of steel are used to create a sturdy door, and it can be customized to fit your home’s architectural style. Steel garage doors are resistant to most damage. They are also well-insulated, keeping sensitive parts like the spring and opener safe from the elements.
  1. Aluminum - Aluminum garage doors offer many of the same benefits as steel frames, though they are lightweight and easier to install. Aluminum is also an eco-friendly material that can be painted for a new look or recycled when you’re ready to make an upgrade. Garage doors made of aluminum hold up well to corrosive environments, which is beneficial to those living in coastal areas.
  1. Wood - Choose a wood garage door if you want to give your home a rustic appearance. Wood is durable, and the latest innovations offer added protection from rotting and warping. Compared to metal, wood is much harder to dent. If a section does need repair, it can be cut out and replaced.
  1. Fiberglass - Like aluminum, fiberglass is lightweight and provides excellent insulation. It’s not susceptible to rust or rot, making it a good fit for properties in the Bay Area. A simple coat of paint or stain is enough to transform the fiberglass, and it will need only occasional touch-ups.
  1. Vinyl - Vinyl garage doors are economical, with many benefits. There are numerous customization options, including faux wood designs. Vinyl is surprisingly durable and almost dent-proof, which is a huge advantage if you have a busy household with kids. From a visual standpoint, vinyl garage doors remain attractive with less maintenance.

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