Architectural Garage Door Challenges

Ways to Resolve Architectural Garage Door Challenges

Tackling unique requirements to meet the individual needs of your home’s garage door takes skill and experience. As a homeowner, you may have many questions and concerns. How will you preserve the original architectural lines when installing a modern garage door? How can your new door enhance thermal and functional efficiency to bring down your home’s energy consumption? What style and design options will you choose to match your home remodel with a new garage door? Does your sloping floor present a problem for the replacement door? Will the stylish windows bring in light but affect your garage’s privacy? Our design and installation experts offer important advice on how to resolve your architectural garage door challenges.

Modern glass and metal garage doors can completely transform the look and feel of your Bay Area home. In addition to creating dramatic visual appeal, they flood your garage with natural light, making it a more inviting and functional space. With the recent trend of maximizing indoor living space using contemporary garage doors, we also see them being used as patio doors and glass walls inside the home.

Garage Door Design and Installation Tips to Meet Architectural Challenges

  1. Door composition and materials: Open the view to your pool or garden. Create a scenic seating and dining area in your family room. Designer glass panels and anodized aluminum frames add appeal to the inside and on the outer façade of your home. Frosted, hammered (beaten to look like metal), tinted (to control light) and patterned glass options match a variety of exterior designs to look attractive and enhance property value. Visit our huge showroom to explore the endless options available.
  2. Insulation and energy efficiency: When shopping for new garage doors, energy performance is a major consideration for many With custom insulated glazing and frames, you can optimize energy efficiency. Sound proofing options allow you to filter out sound and achieve quieter interiors.
  3. Safety and security: Whether you want to install an all-glass garage door or a few glass panels, it is safe to choose tempered glass. In the event of breakage, it shatters into thousands of small pieces rather than long shards that can cause injuries. For your garage door opener system, choose from the latest models that allow you to monitor, open and close your door from anywhere with a mobile app.
  4. Installation: You might choose a classy garage door for your home, but that is not enough. It is important to ensure proper sizing and installation, as this affects the aesthetics, performance and durability of your garage door. Hire a reliable custom garage door installation company to handle the job so you can enjoy years of trouble-free operation and avoid frequent repairs.

Example of Architectural Challenge for Garage Door in Alamo

For over 38 years, GDI Door & Sons (GDI Garage Doors) has provided Bay Area homes with top quality products and service. Recently, Scott O’Neil, our Sales Director, helped the Rasmussens select the perfect garage door glass (White Satin Tempered Glass) to complement the architectural layout of their Alamo Round House. Wayne and Marilyn Rasmussen planned a major home remodel to restore the house to its original architectural vision. The project took three years to complete. This included excavating the hillside to create a new two-car garage. With our experience handling unique applications, we could easily resolve the spatial challenges by incorporating the spring counterbalance system and garage door operator to fit within the minimal space above the garage door, and the transom windows you see in the image below.

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