Buy Garage Doors Online? Really?

Shopping for new garage doors in this time of limited supply and high prices can be a frustrating experience. Unscrupulous sellers are taking over the market, not just in garage doors. Technology makes it easy to misrepresent items in photos or make a totally nonexistent company look like a time-tested business online. There are many reasons to avoid buying garage doors online, sight unseen. Watch out for these online garage door sales scams.

Deep Fake: Knockoff Garage Doors Online

Just because website photos of garage doors showcase major brand names like Wayne-Dalton, doesn’t mean they’re genuine. Like knockoff luggage and handbags, it’s easy to make subpar garage door fakes. Many overseas companies specialize in just that – manufacturing replicas of popular products that resemble the real thing – but producing them as cheaply as possible with little to no regard for quality or safety.

Technical Error: Sizing Issues When Buying Garage Doors Online

Skilled garage door contractors know there’s more to sizing a garage door than taking quick measurements. Walls that are out of square make it easy to make measuring mistakes and end up with the wrong size garage door. The cost of return shipping in the event of measurement errors – if available – will be substantial – not to mention the time spent waiting on a replacement.

Lost in Transit: Shipping Delays & Damage

Garage doors – even those purchased online – are no small investment. Unscrupulous resellers will be noticeably absent once they get your credit card information. What will you do after your garage door purchase if your replacement garage doors don’t arrive as scheduled or show up damaged? You may have to jump through hoops, contending with long phone or chat wait times to speak with a representative, or wait for a ‘call back’ to no avail – then what? Online reviews, specifically from trusted sources like the Better Business Bureau, will often reflect how these businesses truly treat customers. Make sure the Bay Area garage door company you choose is licensed, insured – and exists.

Post-Delivery Cliffhangers: Garage Door Installation & Disposal

Buying garage doors online is just the beginning of replacing your garage doors. Once your new doors arrive, how will you remove the old doors? Where can you legally dispose of them? Do you have the knowledge and manpower to install your new garage doors, deal with tight spaces, lift heavy doors, connect springs, and attach the door opener? Garage door installation is a tricky, dangerous business. Professional garage door installation is integral to lasting, safely functioning doors – that’s why the price of every garage door sold by GDI Door includes professional installation (and door disposal).

Watch Out for ‘Great Online Garage Door Deals’ to Avoid Disappointment

Avoid buying garage doors online. Instead, spend a little extra energy and money making sure you get what you pay for. New garage doors should last for decades. Ensure a lasting investment with help from GDI Garage Doors.

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