Care and Maintenance of Your Wood Garage Door

Is a dull, drab garage door detracting from the curb appeal of your home? Your garage door is a central aspect of your home’s building design, making up a significant portion of the exterior. Whether your home is traditional, modern, rustic, or opulent, a beautiful wood garage door is an excellent way to accent your home’s architectural style. However, to keep your garage door looking beautiful, it will need regular care and maintenance.

Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Garage Door

To protect the wooden garage door on your San Rafael, Pittsburg, Moraga, Fairfield, Alamo, or El Cerrito home and keep it in the best shape possible, our garage door experts recommend:

  • Clean your door regularly. Dirt and moisture accumulation on your wood garage door can lead to warping and deterioration. Washing down your garage door with soap, water, and a rag at least once a year can help you avoid these issues.

  • Routinely check your door for rot. When the weather is damp, dirty, neglected garage doors offer the perfect environment for bacterial and fungal growth. Over time, this can lead to wood rot. You should occasionally check your doors for signs of decay, lightly prodding the bottom of the door and the trim surrounding it with a screwdriver. If the wood feels squishy or the screwdriver pushes through, schedule a garage door service appointment ASAP.

  • Inspect key door components. Check your door regularly to ensure all moving parts, from the door itself to the garage door opener, are in top condition. Be careful not to overlook seals and hardware. Replace parts immediately any time you see damage to uphold the safety of the system.  

  • Be wary of pest infestation. Be on the lookout for small holes in your garage door. These could indicate infiltration from termites, beetles, carpenter bees, and other wood consuming/destroying insects.

  • Protect your door with a durable finish. Reapply a durable coat of paint or stain every few years. This necessary maintenance not only keeps your wooden garage door looking lovely but also protects it from the abuse of the sun, wind, and rain, as well as scratches. Before applying a coat of paint or stain, be sure to clean the door well and remove paint chips with a scraper, providing a smooth surface.  

Avoid untimely garage door replacement. Ensure beauty and performance for years to come with the routine care and maintenance of your wooden garage doors.

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