Eight Ways to Prevent Garage Door Break-ins

For security-conscious homeowners, GDI Garage Doors offers these eight ways to prevent garage door break-ins:

  • Shut your garage door when it’s not in use. Many burglaries occur because a homeowner fails to close a garage door. Double-check to make sure the door has shut after you press the remote-control button. Smart-phone apps that monitor your door, or timers that automatically shut the door after a certain number of minutes, are also good ideas.
  • Keep your garage door in top shape. Sturdy mechanical parts that are well-maintained and not corroded make it more difficult for a burglar to force open your garage door.
  • Install surveillance cameras. More people are investing in video security systems as the cost of installation goes down. Burglars are discouraged by the sight cameras posted around your home.
  • Improve the lighting around your garage. Change bulbs in exterior lights and lanterns when they burn out. Installing motion-detector lighting is an excellent burglar deterrent, too.
  • Don’t neglect your side door. Stop intruders from entering the garage through a flimsy side door. GDI recommends installing a sturdy steel door with a deadbolt. The door jamb and frame should also be in good condition.
  • Choose obscured glass for your garage door windows. Clear windows enable intruders to view items you’ve stored in your garage as well as identify if you and your car are at home. Frosted or obscured glass keeps your garage’s contents private. At the least, cover your windows from the inside to block visibility.
  • Add interior or exterior locks. A garage door professional can install manual locks on either the inside or outside of the door, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Mind your remote. A car with the remote control clipped to the visor means a break-in could be a click away. Either take the remote with you or purchase a handy keychain remote control.

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Here’s an additional tip that may not prevent a burglary, but is helpful in keeping you safe should a break-in occur: Install a wide-angle peephole in the door between the garage and your home. If you hear a suspicious noise in your garage, you can check it out through the peephole rather than opening the door to trouble.

GDI Garage Doors helps homeowners in El Cerrito, Fairfield, Lafayette, Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, Hercules, Walnut Creek and Pleasanton improve home security with garage door installation and service.

If you want to learn more about the eight ways to prevent garage door break-ins, talk to a GDI Garage Door professional.

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