Garage Door Repairs You Can’t Do

Your garage door is making a lot of noise or not working properly, and you want to fix it right away so it doesn’t disrupt your life. We know how you feel, but there are some garage door repairs you can’t do – even if you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer. Many garage door repairs are dangerous. Others require expensive specialty tools. And many more can snowball into more damage when repairs don’t go as you hope. Our garage door repair technicians have seen it all – and we want you to steer clear of these troublesome situations.

Never Attempt These Dangerous Garage Door Repairs

When performed by amateurs, these garage door repairs could result in serious injury:

Adjusting or replacing garage door springs

  • Garage door springs that are dismantled incorrectly, without the proper tools, or replaced with the wrong size could put you at serious risk. The weight of your garage door puts those springs under an enormous amount of tension. Ensure your safety by having your springs adjusted or replaced by a professional garage door contractor.

Replacing garage door panels

  • Replacing ugly, damaged garage door panels yourself can be incredibly tempting – but these components are heavy and impact spring pressure (see above.) As the largest moving feature in your home, it’s easy to injure yourself by attempting DIY panel replacement. Ensure safety and a seamless match with help from our garage door panel repair and replacement team.

Adjusting chain or belt drives

  • Adjusting the force on chain or belt drive garage door openers when your door won’t open or close completely (or reverses) is a recipe for DIY disaster. While our professionals can address this issue quickly, these complex systems often surprise handy homeowners. Just a small adjustment can produce enough extra force to bend the door at the top or rip the opener arm away, causing severe damage.

What Garage Door Repairs Can You Do Yourself?

These simple repairs are DIY-friendly and keep your garage door in peak shape:

  • Regular cleaning to prevent corrosion and rot
  • Lubricating rollers, tracks, hinges, and weatherstripping for smooth operation
  • Replacing garage door opener and remote batteries and bulbs
  • Adjusting garage door sensors to ensure safety and trouble-free operation
  • Inspecting your garage door for upcoming maintenance needs

Avoid DIY Garage Door Repair Complications

There are some garage door repairs you can’t do. Don’t cause extra garage door damage, injure yourself, or void your warranty with DIY garage door repairs.

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