Boost Home Security with These Garage Door Security Features

Do you think your garage door is secure because you have an automatic garage door opener, and you’re the only one with the code? You may be surprised to discover there are many ways to break into a garage, even one with an automatic opener. Reduce the likelihood of break-ins; learn how to keep your home and garage safe with these garage door security features.

Smart Garage Door Sensors

Keeping your garage door shut is priority #1 when it comes to home security. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook this simple task when you’re in a rush. Luckily, smart home sensor technology makes it easy to monitor and adjust your garage door remotely from your smartphone, receiving alerts when your door is open, and closing the door even when you’re away from home.

Garage Door Timers

If you’re the forgetful type, a garage door timer is an excellent way to ensure your garage door stays closed. Set your door to close automatically after minutes or hours, turning the timer off to leave the door open when you are at home and working on outdoor projects.

Window Covers

Upgrade your garage door windows to styles with opaque or frosted glass, or modify your existing windows for privacy and protection with self-adhesive, decorative window films or frosted glass spray. These options obstruct the view within your garage without blocking natural light.

Smart Locks

In addition to securing your garage door, you should also secure any doors leading into your garage, and doors leading from the garage into your home, as you would your front door. Outfit these access points with a wide-angle door viewer, sturdy security locks, or smart locking mechanisms.

Garage Door Opener Keychains

Miniature keychain garage door openers clip to your keychain, offering a simple, effective solution to leaving your opener in your car. Choose a model that matches your garage door model and uses rolling date technology.

Motion Activated Lights

Installing motion-activated lights on the outside of your home is one of the best ways to deter a thief, keeping your residence well-lit with no need for attention from you, except for the occasional light bulb replacement.

Garage Door Locks

Add an extra layer of security after you come home at night with an additional sliding bar lock inside your garage door.

Emergency Release Shield

Garage door shields guard your emergency release against the actions of a thief wedging open the top of your door just enough to pull the release with a coat hanger. They attach to the emergency release bar, blocking them from possible tampering.

Home Monitoring Systems

Keeping a watchful eye on your home is easier today than ever before with Wi-Fi home monitoring systems like Blink and Ring. These camera-based full-time security systems are easy to use and designed for D-I-Y installation, with options for homeowner monitoring or month-to-month third-party monitoring services. Inexpensive and effective, they offer high-quality surveillance and recording, including phone notifications following an alarm trigger.

Protect your Fairfield, Lafayette, Richmond, Hercules, Oakland, San Rafael, or Pleasanton home with the latest garage door security features. Contact us to discuss your security concerns, uncovering the best products for your home with the help of our garage door installation and safety experts.

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