How Do You Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter?

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As Game of Thrones wisely puts it, "Winter is coming." California may have a milder winter but the temperature can drop pretty low in certain neighborhoods. The good news is that we offer services in California, ensuring we can assist you with repairs or a new garage door installation this winter. 

Have you ever wondered about the winter preparations for your garage door? Look no further for answers; we've got you covered. Our expert advice will walk you through the steps needed for your garage door and offer tips on preparing the inside for the most challenging months of the year. With GDI Garage Doors servicing Southern California and the San Jose metropolitan area, you're not alone in addressing all your garage needs.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Garage For Winter

Wintertime in California

Learning how to winterize your garage door and garage in general may seem daunting at first, but once you take it step by step, we promise preparing your garage door for the winter will go through without a hitch.

  1. How to Seal Your Garage Door

Most people do not notice garages need to be more adequately prepared for winter due to an oversight in sealing. The sealing process involves the use of specific components and the skills of a qualified technician. Arriving at your home, the technician will bring a bottom weather seal and an exterior vinyl trim, seamlessly adding the bottom seal to your garage's base. If you're pondering ways to ensure your garage stays warm in winter and seeking to weatherproof your garage door, this established method is the answer.

  1. Seal and Cracks and Holes

A practical method to increase the warmth in your garage is by checking for any cracks or holes in your garage door. Holes in the door could result in air infiltration (we do not want this with the cold weather) and the entry of unwanted critters crawling on your garage floor and getting into things. For prompt solutions, reach out to GDI Garage Doors, and our expert technicians will utilize specialized tools to patch up holes or install new garage door panels or a garage door seal. If you notice cracks in your weatherstripping, it might be time for a new garage door winter seal, a quick and efficient service our technicians provide in just thirty minutes.

  1.  Insulating Your Garage Door

Another effective way to ensure your garage stays warm in the winter is through garage door insulation. It's worth noting that certain homes may lack the needed insulated garage door which plays a role in weatherproofing your garage door against high winds and excessive cold temperatures. Insulated garage doors are essential nowadays. Feel free to contact our reliable technicians, who will quickly come to your residence and install the necessary insulation.

  1. Tidying Up Your Garage 

You may question how this relates to preparing your garage for winter, but it holds significance. It's essential to organize your garage efficiently and ensure ample space. Winter brings the risk of water heaters and pipes bursting, potentially damaging your valuable items. Elevate and store your possessions off the ground to safeguard them from moisture. This protects your valuables and creates additional space for parking your vehicle comfortably upon returning from the cold. Add this step to your winter-proof kit for comprehensive preparation.

  1. Inspection

Enhance your door winterizing kit by including a crucial element: an annual inspection conducted by a technician before facing challenging conditions. GDI Garage Doors boasts technicians available seven days a week, eager and delighted to assist with all your garage door needs. A technician's visit to your home ensures a thorough check, addressing any issues and providing recommendations. Stay calm by the complexity of the components; our team is here to support you.

What Not To Do To Your Garage Door

Broken Garage Door

You should not do certain things to your garage door during the wintertime or any time during the year. These few things can lead to a garage door problem. 

  1. You want to ensure you are not replacing or repairing a garage door yourself. You never know when you might use the wrong bolt or hinge or install something not meant for your garage door. Only technicians who have been trained know the correct parts for your garage door. 
  1. You do not want to do your weatherstripping. Most DIY kits come with glue and need the proper tools to install weatherstripping, which can cause heat loss in your garage. This can lead to cold air and freezing temperatures getting into your garage. Call one of our technicians or visit our website at, and we will give you the garage door service you need. 
  1. Lastly, you want to ensure you are not diagnosing the problem with your garage door from sources all over the internet. You never know what may be reliable, so it is best to contact an experienced company and technician to help determine what is wrong with your garage door. 

Our primary objective is to ensure your garage is a secure haven for your belongings and vehicles. We aspire for it to be a place you enjoy visiting daily, considering the frequent use of the garage door. With winter approaching, it becomes paramount to have impeccable insulation, a reliable weather seal, and a well-maintained space, given the challenging winter conditions. We're here to assist seven days a week, almost every day of the year. Reach out to us at GDI  Garage Doors or visit for garage door maintenance or garage door repair.

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