How to Protect Your Garage Door in the Winter (Top 5)

Garage Doors In The Wintertime

Winter is here, and all of us are gearing up for the upcoming changes. The preparations differ depending on your location; for those on the West Coast, it means getting ready for dry, cold weather and implementing measures to protect your garage door. Regardless of your location, garage owners should invest time preparing for the most extreme weather conditions.

What does that include?

Let’s take a deeper dive on how to protect your garage door. 

Can You Add Protection to Your Garage Door in the Winter?

Weatherstripping on a West Coast Garage In The Winter

Protecting your garage door during winter involves adopting various measures. While many of these protective steps can be taken independently at home, seeking a technician's expertise is recommended for more challenging tasks to ensure safety and security. GDI Garage Doors is available seven days a week, ready to assist with all your garage needs.

1. Weatherstripping

Ensure the protection of your primary garage door against pests, the cold, and potential theft through weatherstripping. This involves a technician equipping rubber insoles and attaching a garage door seal along the bottom and sides, typically completed in around thirty minutes. Weatherstripping converts your garage door into an insulated barrier, maintaining warmth in cold weather. Its necessity lies in its ability to block the intrusion of pests and the escape of frigid air, creating a secure seal for your garage.

2.  Lube and Tune

GDI Garage Doors has a unique 26-point inspection process for your garage door repair or installing a new garage door for your home. Our technicians check everything thoroughly and make sure all moving parts are lubed up before leaving your home. Our biggest concern for your home is safety, and we know that your garage door is your first point of contact when coming home, so we want to ensure everything goes smoothly after repairs are done, especially in the cold weather. Proper garage door maintenance is vital for a good working garage, so we are here if you need us.  

3. Avoid Freezing or Sticking

The protective role of your garage door extends to various aspects, including the convenience of safely exiting your vehicle before entering the house. Consider placing containment mats to combat issues with freezing and sticking caused by snow and ice in cold weather. The importance of preventing your garage door from sticking becomes evident when you imagine opening it one day only to expose your garage to the cold air and potential burglars. Adequate insulation, including the indispensable weatherstripping mentioned previously, ensures that garage door components remain unfrozen. An insulated garage door keeps the garage warm in the cold temperatures of the winter months.  

4. MyQ App

The MyQ App is a phone app designed for managing your garage door. Available with our garage door openers, the MyQ App offers a range of features tailored to your needs. Depending on the model you choose, these features may include remote control of your garage door's operation, scheduling automatic door closures, video surveillance capabilities, and an automatic shut-off after a period of inactivity lasting one minute.

5. Timely Repairs

Addressing garage door issues promptly is crucial, whether it involves a malfunctioning spring, the need for a new door, or other concerns, particularly before extreme cold sets in. To prevent potential breakdowns and keep your family warm while avoiding increased energy costs, schedule a same-day service with our technicians at GDI Garage Doors, who are prepared to conduct inspections and address any concerns you may have.

How Important are Technicians?

Technician Working On Garage Door

During the busy winter season, many people attempt to DIY garage door repairs to save time, but this can lead to complications due to the complexity of garage door systems. Making a mistake can cause further issues, resulting in wasted time and potential safety hazards. It's advisable to get the help of our technicians from GDI Garage Doors for repairs or new installations, ensuring both efficiency and safety. Our technicians work quickly and prioritize safety, guaranteeing the job is done right the first time, with all necessary tools and parts on hand. Trust our expertise for a hassle-free experience. For all your garage needs, contact us, open seven days a week.

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