Insulated Garage Doors Can Make Your Home Quieter

You may not be able to stop the dog’s barking or quiet a crying baby, but there is one sure way to lower noise levels in your home; upgrade to an insulated garage door. Many GDI Garage Doors customers have discovered that insulated garage doors can make their homes quieter. They’ve found a peaceful home is worth the slightly higher cost of an insulated garage door.

An insulated garage door dampens noise in two ways:

  1. By muffling sounds from outside the home. Cities and suburbs are often a cacophony of leaf blowers, traffic, street construction, and other noises. While entirely blocking all sounds is impossible, an insulated garage door effectively muffles unwanted noise from outside the home.
  2. By operating more quietly. The solid construction of an insulated garage door helps stabilize the door, reducing vibration and quieting operation. A noisy, vibrating door can be particularly annoying for anyone in an adjacent part of the house, such as a bedroom above the garage.

In addition to installing an insulated garage door, homeowners may wish to insulate the garage itself to dampen sound even more.

Additional Benefits to Installing an Insulated Garage Door

GDI Garage Doors points out a couple more reasons to replace your old garage door with an insulated one:

  • A typical insulated garage door consists of a layer of solid-core insulation between sheets of steel or aluminum. This “sandwich” design provides more strength than a single sheet of metal. Insulated doors are more difficult for wayward vehicles or playing children to dent.
  • Energy savings. On a warm California day, an insulated door can lower temperatures inside the garage by several degrees. Because most garages are attached to the home, those few degrees make a big difference. Savings are particularly significant when the garage walls are also insulated.

GDI Garage Door’s service area includes the cities of Berkeley, El Cerrito, Fairfield, Hercules, Lafayette, Oakland, Vallejo, Pleasanton, and Walnut Creek. We focus on residential sales, installation, repairs, and maintenance.

How to Keep Your Garage Door Operating Properly

Homeowners can take a few DIY steps to keep their garage doors operating quietly and efficiently:

  • From the inside of your garage, take a look every so often at the door’s moving parts as it opens and closes. Check that nuts and bolts are tight and that rollers and springs do not vibrate excessively. Make sure the track and hinges are secure.
  • Lubricate metal-on-metal parts a couple of times a year. Use a silicon spray or white lithium grease to prevent buildup.
  • Contact a garage door professional at the first sign a door is not operating correctly. A specialist makes repairs before the problem gets worse.
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