Preparing Your Garage Door for the Summer

Bay Area summers can be tough on garage doors. Dry, hot weather causes all sorts of issues. Preparing your garage door for the summer is essential to ensure it lasts through the season and remains functional for the long haul – especially in this time of supply chain issues. Now is the time to tackle the following garage door maintenance problems to avoid summer breakdowns.

Garage Door Rust and Rot

Garage door dirt and dust buildup gives moisture and mold something to cling to, accelerating corrosion and rot. Fortunately, you can keep untimely deterioration at bay with regular cleaning, including a thin layer of wax on metal garage doors or a fresh coat of paint or sealer on wood garage doors.

Lubricant Evaporation on Key Garage Door Parts

Dry heat accelerates lubricant evaporation, leading to jerky, noisy operation, and premature wear on moving parts. Lubricating your garage door rollers, tracks, hinges, and weather stripping ensures smooth operation.

Shifting Garage Door Framing

The wood framing holding your residential garage door in place can twist and shift with temperature changes. Our skilled Bay Area garage door contractors know how to adjust for these issues, ensuring smooth operation.

Insufficient Garage Door Insulation

In soaring summer temperatures, your garage may feel like a giant oven. If you notice this problem worsening as the years pass and it’s impacting indoor comfort (and your AC bill), a bit of garage door maintenance for temperature control is advisable. Our garage door technicians can improve comfort in your garage by:

  • Making sure your garage door properly seals when closed
  • Adding or replacing missing/damaged garage door insulation to prevent heat transfer
  • Incorporating vents into your walls or garage door to improve airflow
  • Upgrading your garage door opener to new sensor technology that lifts the door at a pre-set temperature

Garage Door Opener Failure in High Temperatures

Most electronics are sensitive to heat. While built to withstand the climate in your garage, garage door openers may still fall victim to temperature extremes. If this occurs, our staff can quickly replace your garage door opener, making adjustments to help control garage temperatures.

Don’t Wait on Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door supply chain issues continue to take a toll on the industry. We strongly recommend you have your garage door assessed and order replacement parts for any components showing excessive wear and tear as soon as possible. This will ensure that your garage door remains in operation and that you don’t suffer from long wait times due to shortages of garage door parts.

Extend your Bay Area garage door’s useful life with these tips for preparing your garage door for the summer months from GDI Garage Doors. We’re here to help you keep your door in action, providing lasting, affordable garage door repairs.

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