How to Secure Your Garage Door and Prevent Break-Ins

Burglar-proofing your garage door can reduce the risk of thieves using it as an entry point to your home. Read on for some simple, effective and affordable ways to secure your garage door and prevent break-ins.

7 Easy Ways to Enhance Garage Door Security

  1. Choose a strong garage door: Poor quality doors are easier to break into. While solid wood and heavy-gauge steel are traditional favorites, it is possible to fortify modern materials like aluminum, fiberglass, or glass and metal garage doors for enhanced protection.
  2. Install a secure garage door opener: Preferably, choose one with rolling-code technology (like the Lift-Master Security+ line) as it reduces the likelihood of a burglar unscrambling your password.
  3. Switch to a keychain remote opener: Leaving the opener in your vehicle makes it easier for thieves to steal it. With a keychain remote, you will always have it with you.
  4. Consider using a timer: An open garage not only invites trespassers, it also puts all your possessions in clear view. Installing a timer on your opener to close the garage door after a set time can prevent this situation. You could also install an alarm that rings loudly to notify you when your garage door is open.
  5. Select frosted garage door windows: This will prevent any peeping toms at your windows! If your garage has unfrosted windows, cover them with a privacy screen, blinds or curtains.
  6. Secure the throw latch: When you are out of town, padlock the throw latch or use a zip tie to prevent thieves from accessing the emergency release system.
  7. Maintain your garage doors: Corroded parts and broken doors make it simpler for thieves to gain entry. Make sure you regularly inspect and replace or repair broken parts and accessories. Also remember to secure the door from your garage to your home. Never leave it open, and fortify it with a deadbolt.

Purchase your garage door and opener system from a trusted company with trained technicians. Proper sizing and installation are key to avoiding common operational problems that compromise the safety and lifespan of your investment.

For years, GDI Garage Doors has provided Bay Area homes with top quality products and service. Our experienced staff can help you select the right garage door materials and a secure garage door opener. Our latest systems allow you to monitor, open and close your garage doors via a smartphone app.

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