A Guide to Selecting Replacement Garage Doors

With so many types of garage doors, buying new ones can be confusing. GDI Door offers this guide to selecting replacement garage doors for your home:

  • Decide on the material that works best for you. Steel is the most popular type of garage door we sell. It is durable, can be painted, and comes in a variety of styles. Steel doors are susceptible to rust, but special coatings virtually eliminate that concern. Aluminum garage doors are less expensive, lighter in weight, and more easily dented. Homeowners who choose wood for their garage door replacement want a traditional look. Wood is heavier, more expensive, and needs periodic painting and refinishing. Materials such as wood composite or fiberglass may be smart options if you live near the coast. They cost more than steel or aluminum but resist salt-water corrosion. Doors made of tempered glass offer a distinctive look while exposing the garage interior to an abundance of natural light.
  • Insulated doors are a wise investment. While they may cost slightly more, an insulated garage door can reduce your energy costs and make your garage a more workable space. Sturdy, insulated garage doors also open and close more quietly than non-insulated doors, a consideration if you have a busy living space or a bedroom close to the garage.
  • Be imaginative. GDI Door specializes in customized garage doors. We encourage our customers to study their options when selecting replacement garage doors. For a modest additional cost, you can choose from a range of windows, hardware, and colors. A one-of-a-kind garage door can upgrade the curb appeal of your home and add to the value of your property.
  • Your door should complement your home’s style. A garage door replacement has greatest visual impact when it is an integral part of a home’s overall appearance. For instance, a sleek, all-glass garage door is a good fit for a modern, industrial style house. A wood door pairs well with a Craftsman home. For striking visual impact, match your replacement garage door with your front entry door.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Garage Door Replacement

GDI Door, a leading Bay Area garage door contractor, can help you design your replacement garage door, then install it, at a total price that works with your budget. If you own a home with garage door openings that are unconventional, our professionals will come out and measure to be sure your new doors fit perfectly. Our replacement doors can include convenient remote controls and have the most current safety features. We also perform garage door maintenance and make emergency repairs. The GDI Garage Doors team serves residential customers in the communities of Berkeley, El Cerrito, Fairfield, Hercules, Lafayette, Oakland, Vallejo, Pleasanton, and Walnut Creek.

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