Should You Install a Basketball Hoop Over Your Garage Door?

Installing a Basketball Hoop Over Your Garage Door – Will You Regret It?

Once your kids reach a certain age, the basketball hoop laundry basket in their room probably won’t be enough. When your kids push for an upgrade, should you install a basketball hoop over the garage door? This location can seem like the ideal place to install a hoop. However, the garage door pros at GDI Garage Doors want you to know why this decision may not be such a smashing success.

Drawbacks of Installing a Basketball Hoop Over Your Garage Door

Homeowner’s associations commonly ban the installation of a basketball hoop over your garage doors for many reasons. With a garage door basketball hoop, it is impossible to prevent the ball and players from hitting your garage door and surrounding structures. Scuffs, dents, and broken glass from repeated contact are likely, requiring frequent garage door repairs. Damage to nearby aluminum and vinyl siding, outdoor lighting, gutters, and nearby vehicles surrounding your home are also possible. Setting up a freestanding basketball hoop on a pole at the side of the driveway is a better solution in most situations. This allows you to easily move the hoop out of the way, or to a neighbor’s when your kids outgrow it.

If You Must Install a Hoop Over Your Garage Door, Beef it Up

If you still feel like installing a basketball hoop over your garage door is the best solution for your family, reinforce your door. We recommend more durable plexiglass windows to prevent shattering and the need to replace garage door windows monthly. If your doors are already showing their age, consider upgrading them with steel garage doors, which are better suited to withstand the dents and scratches the repeated impacts of driveway sports bring. Learn more about our many steel door options. We also recommend the additional reinforcement of structural bars to prevent your doors from caving inward from strong impacts.

Slam dunk damage? Repair your garage door after installing a basketball hoop. Contact GDI Garage Doors for help restoring or upgrading the garage door on your Livermore, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Vallejo, Richmond, Moraga, Lafayette, or Berkeley home today.

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