Should You Replace or Repair a Garage Door Panel?

Even homeowners with the most meticulous maintenance plans can fall victim to garage door damage from an accident or good old-fashioned wear and tear. When you need  garage door repairs, determining whether you should replace or repair a garage door panel can be tricky. Uncovering the best solution will depend on several factors.

Garage Door Age and Condition

For garage doors ten years old or newer and in good condition, repairing damaged garage door panels may offer the better option. On the other hand, you are better to replace garage doors that are more than twenty years old or poorly maintained doors past their prime before more costly components wear out.

Level of Garage Door Damage

Our garage door repair professionals can often manage minimal damage with a bit of filler and paint. But for more substantial destruction, particularly garage doors with damage to the garage door opener mechanism, a new garage door is typically the best, safest option.

Number of Damaged Panels

It is easier to replace a single, well-maintained garage door panel. However, garage door replacement may make more sense when multiple panels are damaged.

Ability to Match Garage Door Replacement Panels

Our skilled garage door repair technicians can often return damaged garage doors to ‘like new’ condition. But in some cases, it may be difficult to find matching replacement panels. Painting your entire garage door may camouflage the repair. However, a new garage door may offer the ideal alternative for homeowners who will be disappointed with a panel that does not blend seamlessly.

Cost of Repairing Vs. Replacing Garage Door

Repairing is usually the most affordable option, particularly with only one or two damaged panels. However, garage door replacement may not cost much more than repairs if you have multiple damaged panels. Upgrading will also offer the added benefits of a warranty, reduced maintenance, better performance, and enhanced safety.

GDI Garage Doors Can Repair a Variety of Garage Door Styles

Whether your wood garage door has rotted, your metal garage door has corroded, or your fiberglass garage doors have cracked, GDI Garage Doors has you covered. We have the skills, experience, and equipment to service all styles and brands of garage doors – even those from manufacturers who’ve gone out of business.

Should you replace or repair a garage door panel? Find the ideal solution with help from GDI Garage Doors.

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