Spring is Time for Garage Door Service

Keeping a regular home maintenance schedule is a great way to control repair costs and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Spring is the ideal time for these projects, including garage door service, which is best done twice a year at your Bay Area home. What tasks should you put on your garage door maintenance to-do list?

10-Point Spring Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

  1. Check for garage door noises
  2. Excessively noisy doors, especially those emitting scraping, grating sounds, should be inspected by your San Ramon garage door professional.
  3. Tighten screws and lubricate hinges
  4. Check all screws, tightening loose hardware that can cause vibrations throughout your Walnut Creek home. Then use a quick spray of silicone or WD-40 to ensure smooth, quiet hinge movement.
  5. Clean garage door tracks
  6. Clean the dust and dirt out of door tracks with compressed air. NEVER use lubricant, which can cause your Alamo home’s garage door to slip.
  7. Check garage door rollers
  8. Replace torn, cracked rollers for optimal performance. Do NOT replace rollers connected to high-tension cables – this requires professional attention.
  9. Visually inspect pulleys and cables
  10. Pulleys and cables are high-tension and extremely dangerous. Inspect them visually only, looking for signs of wear. If they need attention, leave it to an experienced Concord garage door maintenance specialist.
  11. Tighten garage door chains and belts
  12. Tighten sagging chains and belts on your Oakland garage door.
  13. Check garage door safety sensors
  14. Verify sensor alignment. Place an object, such as an old empty box, in the garage door’s path. Make sure your garage door stops when it comes close. (Some doors will auto-reverse.)
  15. Replace garage door batteries
  16. Avoid the inconvenience of an inoperable door, replacing your garage door remote battery, and the battery backup in your garage door opener.
  17. Replace worn weather stripping
  18. Replace cracked, torn weather stripping, keeping your Pittsburg garage weather tight.
  19. Address garage door surface damage
  20. Clean the garage door surface, addressing peeling paint, faded stain, and rusty spots on metal doors before damage progresses, or you may soon find yourself needing a new garage door.

Uncover Unexpected Garage Door Repair Issues?

If your Brentwood garage door still makes noise, is cracked or broken, or your garage door issues involve dangerous repairs, call the pros at GDI Door. Our fast, affordable, highly rated services include a warranty on all parts and repairs. We have a long list of happy customers, 5-star Google, and A+ BBB ratings.

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