Use Garage Door Sensors and Cameras for Security

With break-ins becoming more common, GDI Garage Doors recommends the use of garage door sensors and cameras for security.

As a leading Bay Area garage door contractor, GDI understands the need for families to feel safe in their own homes. We do not install security systems, but our well-built and durable garage doors protect your cars and other possessions and make it difficult for burglars to break in through the garage.

The use of garage door sensors and cameras for security could make it possible to identify a burglar and help recover stolen items from your home.

Why Security Systems Are Becoming Popular

The rate at which homeowners around the country install security equipment picks up every year. Here’s why:

  • Growing concern over crime. Perhaps due to social media, we are becoming more aware of neighborhood crime. Security systems offer peace of mind for families with children or valuables they wish to protect.
  • Improved technology. The quality of video cameras has improved the last several years. Today, small cameras can provide views of many parts of your property. Wireless technology has made installations much more flexible. The ability to remotely control the operation of smart systems also appeals to many homeowners.
  • New security systems now cost hundreds of dollars less because of technological innovations. Consumers can purchase systems for just a few hundred dollars, and monitoring fees start at about $10 a month.

Choosing the Home Security System That is Right for You

Home security system installations are expected to increase significantly over the next several years. Choosing the system that is right for you depends on several factors:

  • DIY or professional installation. If you want to save money by installing your system yourself, make sure your purchase accommodates the do-it-yourselfer. An extensive, sophisticated system may require professional installation. Alarm monitoring is often available for DIY systems, too.
  • Smart security systems allow remote control of your home’s lights, HVAC, door locks, and more. If you are uncertain about the level of technology you need, start with a basic package. You can always upgrade later.
  • Today’s security systems come in a range of prices, based on the options you choose. Monitored systems typically charge a monthly fee. It’s also possible to lease your equipment, which may reduce upfront costs.

Research Security System Options Before Buying

The internet is your best source for initial research on security systems. After narrowing your choices to several companies, contact their representatives for more information.

Neighbors, friends, and family are a valuable source for practical, impartial information. Ask them about their systems’ features. They may suggest options that hadn’t occurred to you.

After you’ve installed a quality garage door, consider adding garage door sensors and cameras for security. For quality garage door replacement, talk to an expert at GDI Garage Door.

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