Why Does a Garage Door Fall Off Its Tracks?

If you understand what causes a garage door to fall off its tracks, you’ll be able to take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen. An untracked garage door is not just inconvenient, it can be dangerous. They are very heavy and may cause serious injury to a person who thinks it’s safe to squeeze around or beneath a damaged garage door, only to have it crash down on them. A garage door off its tracks is also an invitation for intruders who may be tempted to enter your house through the garage, or help themselves to items stored in the garage.

Common Causes of Garage Doors Becoming Untracked

Here are the most common reasons that a garage door falls off its tracks:

  • Roller Stress. Wear and tear on the working parts of your garage doors can be considerable over time. Think about how often you enter and exit your garage in just one day. Although all-plastic rollers deteriorate faster, even the rollers on quality doors can deteriorate due to usage and exposure to extreme temperatures throughout the year. Just one or two worn rollers can cause the garage door track to bend, making the door more likely to pop out of the track.
  • The Accidental Crash. Any motorist who has forgotten to open the door and backed into it can attest that a slow-moving vehicle can do a lot of damage to a garage door. GDI Garage Door technicians have also seen many instances of an impatient homeowner, eager to be at home after a hard day’s work, running into a garage door that was opening a bit too slowly for them. Often the collision crumples several panels as well as knocking the door off its tracks.
  • Improper Alignment. Bracket bolts often come loose with constant use. Once the track is out of alignment because of the loose bolts, a garage door will “jump” the track.

Repairing Your Garage Door

If your garage door falls off its tracks, the best solution is to hire a qualified garage door specialist for repairs. An experienced specialist will be familiar with a variety of garage doors and will understand what caused your door to fall off its tracks and how to fix it.

A reputable technician can often make repairs promptly, so you’ll be without a working garage door for just a day or two. While the technician is servicing your garage door, take the opportunity to learn more about how your garage door works. Ask the technician how you may avoid problems such as an untracked door.

If you use your garage door a lot, it’s possible you and your family will benefit by upgrading to a higher quality door. A program of routine garage door maintenance that includes periodic lubrication and adjusting the moving parts when needed is also a good idea.

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