Why Replacing Garage Door Springs Yourself is Dangerous

DIY Garage Door Spring Replacement is Dangerous

Are you thinking of replacing your garage door springs yourself? An item that experiences everyday wear and tear, springs commonly require replacement, wearing out about every 4-8 years with frequent use. However, despite the routine nature of spring requirement, this is not a DIY job. Garage door spring and cable injuries take a toll on over 2,000 Americans annually. Many of these injuries are quite severe due to the heavy weight of garage doors, which average 200-500 pounds.

A Number of Safety Issues Accompany DIY Door Spring Replacement

What makes DIY garage door spring replacement so dangerous? Garage doors don’t fall simply due to worn springs. When well-meaning DIY homeowners use the wrong tools, dismantle components incorrectly, or install the wrong size replacement springs, these inadvertent errors can cause accelerated or immediate breakage in which heavy garage doors unexpectedly come crashing down. Learn more about common garage door repairs and which ones you should leave to the pros.

Door Spring Replacement is Harder and More Dangerous than it Looks

Though measuring garage door springs and replacing them with new ones from your area home improvement store may seem cut and dried, it is not. Springs the same length as those currently supporting your door may be different in diameter, strength, and weight capacity. Even for professionals, it takes a lot of experience to identify the correct replacement springs, as it is difficult to differentiate between springs merely by looking at them. It is also not uncommon for well-meaning homeowners to require the help of a garage door service professional (after wasting an entire day of work) because the task of swapping out the springs turns out to be much harder than expected.

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