A Few Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Contractor

A reputable garage door contractor has extensive knowledge of the various brands, and can recommend the door that best suits your needs and budget. Many customers consider the cost paramount, but GDI recommends purchasing from the standpoint of overall value, not price. The cheapest garage door may not have the durability, aesthetic appeal, or functionality you desire. Paying a bit more up front for a quality door is preferable to replacing an unsatisfactory door after just a couple of years.

Learn About Garage Doors Before You Buy

To make an educated choice before you buy your new garage door, here are a few questions to ask your garage door contractor:

  • How long will my new garage door last? A quality door should look and function well for years, but your lifestyle – and the material of the door – ultimately determines its lifespan. Active families may choose durable, dent-resistant wood composite or fiberglass doors. Seniors who seldom use their garage door may be satisfied with a lightweight aluminum door.
  • Will my new door fit my garage?
  • What should my new door look like? Today, the selection of garage doors is enormous. A contractor can help you pick a door style and color that complements your home.
  • Should my door be insulated? Energy efficiency is a concern for many homeowners. Insulated doors cost a bit more but offer some savings on utility bills and help moderate temperatures in the garage.
  • Does my new door come with a warranty?
  • How do I know your contracting firm is honest and reliable? Find a contractor who is honest, experienced, and certified in garage door installation and repair. (PRO TIP: Avoid garage door contractors who accept cash only.)

Call GDI Garage Doors With Your Questions

GDI Garage Doors is a long-time garage door contractor in the Bay Area. Among the communities we service are El Cerrito, Fairfield, Lafayette, Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, Hercules, and Walnut Creek.

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