Cheap, Fast Garage Doors are NOT Worth the Money

Are Cheap, Fast Garage Doors Worth Buying?

Cheap, fast garage doors are not worth the money

For many of us, home improvements can really take a bite out of the household budget. It’s natural to try to save money whenever possible.

But, are cheap, fast garage doors worth the money? Sometimes frugality has its own cost. For example, property owners who are looking to buy a garage door for the first time often ask GDI Door to install the cheapest door possible. While we offer a variety of good, economical garage doors, we sometimes ask customers focused only on the bottom line to reconsider.

The type of garage door you buy should depend on your needs, and each situation is different. Instead of buying the cheapest door available, GDI Door suggests that you consider the overall value offered by a particular garage door.

Tips on Shopping for a Garage Door with Value

Want to buy a cheap garage door? You’ll do better to think in terms of getting the most bang for your garage door buck. GDI Door offers these insights:

  • Intruders like cheap doors. Your garage is a target for burglars who know that many homeowners use the space to store valuable items. A solid, fortified garage door and accompanying monitoring system may cost a bit more, but burglars will find it much more of a challenge than a cheap door.
  • Inferior doors have inferior mechanisms. An undersized motor that is taxed repeatedly will inevitably fail. A poor quality track will eventually bend. Inferior mechanisms are usually noisy, too. There’s no point in paying less up front only to be forced to replace that cheap door after just a few years.
  • Appearance matters. A garage door designed by a pro looks good year after year and adds to the value of your home. Low-cost doors can fade and rust over time.
  • Don’t install it yourself. Garage doors and openers are heavy and awkward. Most property owners don’t install garage doors on a regular basis. Improper installation risks not only non-operation, but also legal liability if a door that doesn’t work correctly injures someone. Rather than going the DIY route to save a few dollars, pay a seasoned technician to do the job. The professionals at GDI Door will make certain your garage door is installed correctly and working properly.
  • You may require a custom fit. Garage door openings are not always standard-sized. Paying a trustworthy garage door specialist to measure the opening precisely and custom-build a door that will be properly aligned will ensure correct function.

We also advise against purchasing a used garage door, unless it is in like-new condition and the warranty is intact.

GDI Garage Doors serves Bay Area communities such as El Cerrito, Fairfield, Lafayette, Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, Hercules, and Walnut Creek.

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