Could Your Garage Door Need Structural Reinforcement?

Does Your Door Need Reinforcement Struts?

Structural reinforcement is essential to ensuring your garage door system is safe. U-shaped struts, when added to your door via hinges or clips, stiffen your garage door, safeguarding it against bending and breaking, preventing binding when the door is in motion, and ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your door. However, every garage door installation is unique, and garage door reinforcements are not necessary in all situations. Does your garage door need structural reinforcement?

Your Garage Door Needs Structural Reinforcement in Specific Circumstances

  • Structural reinforcements support your door when it’s in the open position.
    Single doors for residential use typically don’t require struts unless they’re motor-driven. However, because larger, heavier doors over 10 feet wide and doors made of steel without added polystyrene or polyurethane insulation could bow without the proper structural reinforcements, our garage door installation professionals add struts to these larger, heavier systems for stability.
  • Doors in areas prone to high winds and hurricanes benefit from door reinforcement.
    Our experienced team understands that garage doors are the largest opening into your home and are most vulnerable to the high winds of intense storms, so we reinforce them to meet the challenges of area weather extremes.

Custom Design and Expert Installation Ensures Stability

Custom door design and expert installation by GDI Door professionals ensure a door that is safe, stable, and built to last. Our custom designed doors allow you to personally choose high-quality, sturdy materials that offer added structural stability for withstanding extreme weather, safeguarding your home and extending the lifespan of your garage door investment. We manufacture custom designs to any size or shape to offer solutions for challenging spaces, helping you maximize storage space and functionality of even the smallest garage.

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