Design Idea: Match Your Front Door with Your Garage Doors

Boost the visual interest and curb appeal of even the most ordinary home with matching entry and garage doors. These fixtures represent a large portion of your home’s exterior and are often the first design feature people notice, making this technique one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your house stand out. Create a stylish new look with these design ideas for matching your front door with your garage doors.

Match the Material or Color of Your Entryway and Garage Doors

Matching your entryway and garage door is like matching your purse or belt to your shoes. Choosing similar materials such as custom stained wood doors or ensuring a precise color match with custom painted garage doors pulls the design together. There are many ways to achieve a unique look:

  • Choose a contrasting color that pops
  • Pick a bold or neutral color that complements your home
  • Match entry and garage doors to your home’s shutters

When selecting your preferred material and color, consider how your options will look in the day’s varied light. Also, keep architecture in mind: Bright colors might work on a beach house, but they will look out of place on a Tudor-style home.

Choose the Same Door Style

Choosing a style that will work for both doors will give your home an inviting, unified appearance. Popular custom garage door styles include:

  • Traditional garage doors. Match your front door and garage door to your home’s Spanish, Colonial, Tudor, Mediterranean, or French Country architectural style.
  • Carriage house style garage doors. This popular and time-tested garage door style works well on many homes, from period-specific to contemporary. Though they look like traditional carriage garage doors, they offer modern roll-up operation.
  • Contemporary doors. The clean lines of glass-paneled contemporary garage doors are ideally suited to today’s modern home designs.
  • Popular raised panel doors. Raised or flat panel doors are a common and popular door style available in many materials.

Match Windows and Accessories on Entryway and Garage Doors

Add unique details with matching hardware and windows. Specialized features like antique brass hardware, curved window panels, frosted glass, and decorative inserts are the perfect finishing touch to any custom garage door installation.

Make an impression with these design ideas, matching your front door with your garage door. Create a custom garage door for your Lafayette, Blackhawk, Alamo, or Alameda home that meets your exacting requirements with the experts at GDI Garage Doors.

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