What Makes a Custom Garage Door “Custom"?

GDI Door specialists hear this question all the time: What makes a custom garage door “custom”?

The short answer: You do!

Today, homeowners shopping for garage doors can pick from an enormous range of styles, colors, materials, and sizes. Buyers are effectively “customizing” as they choose from the long list of options to make their particular garage door more convenient, durable, energy-efficient, or attractive.

If you want rustic custom garage doors for your barn renovation, or plan to convert an outbuilding into extra parking for your vehicles, we can create exactly what you envision. Are you upgrading an older home and want to install glass garage doors to open your living area to the outdoors? GDI Door can help you do that!

How a Garage Door is Customized for You

Here are the various factors that make a custom garage door “custom:”

  • The door size. Many GDI Door customers are unaware that garage door openings vary greatly. Your installer should take care to measure the opening precisely to ensure the garage door will fit correctly. We offer custom garage doors to fit any space.
  • Garage doors come in steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composite materials. Each material has specific benefits. For many homeowners, the choice of material depends on their need for durability, maintenance requirements, appearance, and budget. Lifestyle affects buying decisions, too. For example, a homeowner with children who often play on the driveway may select an impact resistant model.
  • Upgrading hinges, handles, and decorative accents is inexpensive but can make a surprising difference in appearance.
  • While the details of specific styles such as craftsman or carriage can be tweaked to achieve a customized appearance, styles that are more generic can be dramatically customized. GDI’s design team suggests using the style of your home as a guide.
  • Type of opener. The three most common types of openers are chain, belt, and screw. Each offers options such as whole-garage lighting, battery backup in case of power outages, and smartphone access.
  • Optional features. Homeowners can purchase garage doors that are reinforced to withstand strong winds or are impact resistant. Insulation to moderate temperatures inside the garage is another popular optional feature.

Customize Your Garage Door with Paint

Repainting your own garage door is one of the simplest ways to customize. You can paint any type of garage door, and you don’t need to wait until the old paint is faded or chipped. If you’ve repainted your home a different color, consider painting the garage door a new color that better complements the new paint job. It’s important to remember that the type of paint used on a steel door may not be appropriate on a vinyl one. Consult with a paint expert on what type of paint works best for your particular door.

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