Tips for Taking Care of Your Garage Door Sensors

Garage Door Sensors

Since 1993, garage door sensors have been mandatory for all automatic garage doors in California. If the sensor detects a person or object under the door, the door will automatically stop, preventing damage, injury and death. Unfortunately, garage door sensors can become less effective over time. This is a major safety hazard and can interfere with the efficient opening and closing of your garage door.

By caring for your garage door sensors, you can enjoy a safe and reliable system. Let’s explore the best ways to care for your electric garage door.

Best Steps to Prevent Garage Door Sensor Problems

The best maintenance is preventive. To maintain your automatic garage door, follow these tips:

  • Clean your garage door regularly. Have you ever noticed how dirty garage doors get? Cobwebs, debris, dirt, etc. all cause wear and tear. Once or twice a year, use dish soap and a hose to clean your garage doors. Wood doors need to be repainted every few years.
  • Lubricate moving parts. Both metal and wooden garage doors have springs, tracks and rollers, hinges and possibly a chain that allow the door to move up and down. Inspect these parts to ensure they are in good working condition. Wipe the tracks clean and lubricate these moving parts once a year using a small amount of lubricant designed for garage door use.
  • Tighten hardware. Garage doors also have nuts, bolts and screws. If any are loose, tighten them as needed. This will keep everything moving properly.
  • Clean the garage door sensors. Photoelectric sensors are located about six inches off the floor on either side of the garage door. Wipe them clean gently to avoid knocking them out of alignment.

What Causes Garage Door Sensor Trouble

Ideally, you should clean and check all parts on your garage door at least once a year. However, many Bay Area homeowners forget this step and end up facing problems. For example, you may return home from work one day and notice that your garage door suddenly stops and reverses. What could be wrong?

Below are the most common causes of failure in garage door sensors:

  • Misaligning of the sensors
  • Accumulation of dirt and debris on the sensors
  • Sunlight shining directly on the sensors
  • Human error (did you leave something under the garage door?)

If you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, call GDI Garage Doors for service. We’ll figure out what’s wrong and get your garage door fixed in no time. Our experienced technicians can repair or replace your garage door sensors and address any other issues with your doors.

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