Quick Fixes for Garage Doors

Are garage door repair headaches taking a toll on your schedule? Even the most reliable garage doors will need a bit of TLC eventually. Get your door back in action with these quick fixes for garage doors.

Garage Door Won’t Open/Close? Replace Remote Batteries

If your garage door won’t open or close, start by checking the garage door opener is plugged in and the circuit breaker is operational. If you’ve confirmed power to the unit and the door still won’t operate, replace the garage door remote control batteries before performing further labor-intensive DIY fixes or calling for garage door service.

Operational Issues? Check Garage Door Sensors

A garage door stuck open is extremely frustrating. This problem is often a garage door sensor issue. Sensors that are dirty or out of alignment can prevent your garage door from closing properly. Cleaning and realigning garage door sensors might do the trick.

Loud, Jarring Garage Door Operation? Tighten Garage Door Hardware

Temperature changes and movement can loosen nuts, bolts, and hinges. If your garage door rattles or clangs around noisily when in use, try checking and tightening your garage door hardware.

Squealing Garage Door? Lubricate Moving Parts

If you hear an annoying metallic scraping sound when your garage door goes up and down, it may need lubrication. A touch of garage door lubricant on springs, roller bearings, hinges, and lift cables can quiet the squeal, preventing friction damage.

NOTE: To avoid roller damage, do NOT lubricate nylon rollers without bearings. If rollers do not operate smoothly, upgrade them.

Watch Out – These Fixes are Not for Amateurs!

Messing around with parts best serviced by trained professionals can cause serious trouble. Due to a garage doors’ massive size and weight, never disconnect garage door components on jammed, bent, corroded, or off-track doors. The same goes for garage door springs, cables, rollers, drums, and any other parts under tension. These components pack a serious punch and can cause severe injury if improperly handled.

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