Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Have broken garage door springs left you trapped in your Bay Area home? We get lots of service calls from customers wondering why their garage door springs break and how to fix them. Our garage door service experts have the information you need to avoid broken garage doors springs and safely manage when this happens.

How Do Garage Door Springs Work?

Garage door springs raise and lower your garage door, managing its weight and movement. They’re under a lot of tension, making them tricky to work with. Lowering your garage door increases spring tension, which is why most garage door springs in Pleasanton break when the door is down. However, springs can fail in the open position, making it important never to walk under a garage door that’s in motion.

What Makes Garage Door Springs Break?

Old age

Wear-and-tear is the most common reason Walnut Creek garage door springs fail. Springs typically last for about 10,000 cycles up and down. Simply going to and from work adds up to a minimum of two cycles daily, so garage doors springs can wear out pretty quickly with excessive use. If you frequently use your garage door, upgrading to 20,000-25,000-cycle garage door springs is a wise investment.

Improper garage door spring maintenance

Failure to regularly lubricate your garage door springs dramatically shortens their lifespan, causing rust and increased friction. This problem is often worse in cold temperatures when brittle coils are more likely to snap. We recommend using a silicone-based lubricant three to four times a year to preserve garage door spring lifespan.

Poor garage door spring installation

Garage door installation professionals know that these large springs function based on your San Ramon garage door’s weight. When inexperienced installers use the wrong springs on heavy doors, they will eventually snap under pressure.

How to Tell When You Need to Replace Garage Door Springs

Check the garage door springs at your Alamo home at least once a season or when you lubricate the springs, looking for signs of wear. Pull the emergency release (red handle) to activate manual mode. Lift your garage door up halfway and let it go. If your garage door falls slightly, it may be getting close to the time for replacing garage door springs. If it stays completely still, they are in good condition.

Garage Door Springs are Dangerous to Repair – Don’t Perform Repairs Yourself

Never attempt garage door spring repair or replacement yourself. Garage doors springs operate under enormous tension and can cause your door to bend or crash down if mishandled. Aside from testing your springs for wear, we strongly advise any garage door spring repairs are done by our knowledgeable garage door contractors. Our fully trained, experienced staff can quickly and safely repair your garage door springs, ensuring you avoid injury and property damage.

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