Comparing Garage Door Pricing

Today’s seemingly never-ending supply chain issues can make shopping for garage doors a frustrating experience. Disruptions have made garage doors, parts, and materials difficult for garage door companies and consumers to obtain. Comparing garage door pricing may not be the most effective way to evaluate your new garage door purchase. Our garage door sales team offers the following advice to control costs and minimize shipping delays on new garage doors.

Shop What’s in Stock

Garage door styles that are in short supply or on backorder cost more and take longer to obtain. Choosing from garage doors that are in stock and ready to ship offers a more affordable option and reduces the likelihood of frustrating shipping delays.

Compare Different Garage Door Styles

Beware of prices and lead times on certain garage door styles, materials, and designs, which can vary dramatically. Base-model “cookie cutter” garage doors cost less and are easier to obtain than ornate or custom ones. Specialty sizes and designs, such as high-lift doors, are harder to secure. For this reason, some homeowners are choosing to install inexpensive plain garage doors or modify high-lift structural designs while awaiting permanent replacements.

Compare Garage Door Quality and Features Alongside Pricing

Never let overall cost tempt you into purchasing a low-quality door. Well-made garage doors last decades, while cheap doors require frequent replacement. When comparing garage door pricing, keep quality in mind to ensure a lasting investment. Be sure to consider:

  • Garage door design and its impact on your home’s curb appeal and value
  • Garage door construction, including panel thickness and insulation
  • Safety features and noise level during operation
  • Garage door warranty length and coverage
  • Inclusion of professional installation in the purchase price
  • The garage door contractor’s reputation

Don’t Wait for the Garage Door Market to Shift

If you’re among Bay Area homeowners wondering why supply chain disruptions continue 2 ½ years post-pandemic and finding yourself hoping they’ll resolve soon, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many issues continue to complicate the garage door market, with no end on the horizon due to:

  • High demand, labor shortages, and record inflation
  • Garage door openers and remotes stalled in China’s ports due to continued COVID lockdowns
  • Insulation chemical shortages disrupted by Texas’ winter freeze
  • The Russia-Ukraine war’s impact on metal, a primary garage door component

GDI Door is working hard to provide new garage doors as quickly and affordably as possible, but you should expect disruptions to persist.

Be Diligent About Garage Door Maintenance

Once you’ve finally gotten your new garage doors – don’t neglect maintenance. Proper garage door maintenance, including adjustment, balancing, and lubrication by a professional garage door service technician, helps you avoid unexpected repairs, ensuring smooth operation and lasting performance. Consider adding surge protection to your garage door system to prevent damage. Most importantly, drive carefully around your garage to avoid costly garage door panel repair and replacement.

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