Considerations When Replacing Your Garage Door

Like many appliances in your home, garage door technology has advanced considerably in recent years. Since you’re used to your old garage door, it’s easy to overlook new opportunities to improve functionality and safety. Instead of rushing to check it off your to-do list, it’s important to carefully consider available options when replacing your garage door to avoid buyer’s remorse.

Should You Buy a New Garage Door or Upgrade Your Existing Door?

If your garage door is newer and in good operating condition, but you’d like the convenience of modern features, consider upgrading your existing garage door. Today’s garage doors offer a variety of new security and safety features you may be able to retrofit your old garage door with, such as:

  • Garage door openers with battery backup
  • Wireless remote and keypad
  • Programmable “smart” garage door opener technology
  • Deadbolt locks and opener alert systems
  • Stronger chain drive versus quiet belt drive operation
  • Weather-resistant, insulated construction
  • And much more

How Will a New Garage Door Design Impact Your Home’s Aesthetics?

Choosing a new garage door that matches your home’s architecture is essential. A new garage door will significantly impact your home’s looks. Your favorite option may not be the best style to highlight your home. Popular options like carriage garage doors work with many home styles – but not all. The same rings true for modern glass front garage doors, which can clash with traditional and historic homes. Fortunately, if you need assistance finding the right garage door style and color to accent your home and meet your budgetary needs, our friendly team is here to help.

What Garage Door Materials Deliver Lasting Performance and Easy Maintenance?

Each garage door material has unique maintenance requirements that impact lifespan. It’s important to understand these before choosing a new garage door. Classic wood garage doors are beautiful but require more maintenance than other materials if you want them to last. Metal garage doors require less maintenance but also differ by composition, as aluminum garage doors resist corrosion but dent more easily than steel models.

Which Garage Door Styles Are the Most Affordable?

When comparing garage door pricing it’s essential to compare apples to apples. Material choice, features, and warranty directly impact cost. GDI Door offers materials and designs at a variety of price points to meet your needs. We excel in providing personalized service, from affordable steel, aluminum, and wood garage doors to oversized custom designs.

Should You Add Garage Door Windows?

Garage door windows have benefits and drawbacks. Some designs may be covered in windows, while others have few to none. Ultimately, the decision comes down to function and cost. If you want privacy and security, you might prefer no windows or just a few at the top. If you’re looking for an enhanced view or more light and don’t mind the added cleaning, you may enjoy many garage door windows. Contact GDI today to schedule garage door service.

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