What Colors are Best for Garage Doors in 2022?

It’s time for garage door replacement on your Bay Area home. Now is the perfect opportunity to refresh your exterior with a new garage door color. Each shade has a different feel, so changing it up can dramatically impact your home’s look. What colors are best for garage doors in 2022? GDI Garage Doors offers garage doors in a variety of hues to help you achieve the perfect look, including this year’s most popular shades.

Classic – White Garage Doors

Classic white garage doors remain a popular option for 2022, offering a clean look and vivid contrast to your home. Though they do require more frequent maintenance than other colors, as they more readily show dirt.

Popular – Light Gray Garage Doors

Our garage door design professionals recommend soft gray-toned garage doors to add a distinctive touch to homes with surrounding architecture that is a lighter shade than garage doors.

Trendy – Rust-Toned Garage Doors

Rust-colored garage doors are popular for mid-century modern homes and dry climates. They are perfect for adding a pop of color that will put your home in the limelight.

Natural – Sage Green Garage Doors

Green-toned garage doors are an excellent choice if you’re trying to select a garage door that helps your home blend into the natural surroundings. This color works well with many home styles, from rustic to high-end.

Stately – Grey-Blue

Grey with a touch of blue is a time-tested tone that makes an ideal option if you want to add a little color but don’t wish to venture far from the realm of neutrals.

Bold – Dark Gray Garage Doors

Dark gray garage doors stand out. They are the perfect option for adding contrast to homes with lighter gray, beige, or white surrounding architecture.

Daring – Black Garage Doors

Black garage doors make a dramatic statement. They work best paired with contrasting home color tones, including light, bright shades, reds, and vivid blues.

Statement – Red

Red garage doors scream for attention, drawing the eye. They look great as a contrasting tone to light or bright exterior colors.

Intense – Yellow Garage Doors

Another bold, statement tone, yellow garage doors are gaining in popularity, offering new options for homeowners looking to venture outside the domain of neutrals.

Are you looking to make a change? Uncover what garage door colors are best for your home in 2022 with help from GDI Garage Doors. Our knowledgeable, friendly garage door design professionals are here to discuss your options, helping you find the ideal garage door color and configuration to accent your home.

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