How to Prevent Thieves Using Your Garage Door to Enter Your Home

Garage Door Openers and Monitoring Systems for Enhanced Safety

Is your garage door secure? Be aware that this is a common entry point for burglars as many homeowners neglect proper safety measures. Our experts at GDI Garage Doors offers valuable tips on preventing thieves from entering your Bay Area home using your garage door.

5 Tips to Prevent Garage Door Break-Ins

A few years ago, reported that four home burglaries, all in the same month, were tied to the garage door opener release latch. Break-ins of this nature have been on the rise. Take the right steps to ensure that your Bay Area home is not an easy target for thieves.

1. Treat the entry door between the garage and your home like the front door. This means you should never leave it open when unattended. Fortify it with a deadbolt just as you would do for the main entry door.

2. Burglar-proof your garage door. Choose a good quality standard or custom garage door. While solid wood and heavy-gauge steel are traditional favorites, aluminum and other modern garage door materials like fiberglass or glass and metal can also be fortified to provide enhanced protection. At GDI Garage Doors, we can help you select a material and design that meets your lifestyle and budget.

3. Invest in a good quality garage door opener and monitoring system. Unlocked and unsecured doors are an open invitation for burglars. While choosing an opener, make sure it is appropriate for your door size and weight. We have a full-range of openers and monitoring systems that can be conveniently controlled via an app on your smartphone.

4. Repair and maintain your garage door. Regular care of the door, the door frame and other parts will maintain the appearance, strength and life of your garage door. Examine the door for water damage, and corroded, warped and worn out parts. Inspect the hardware and locking mechanism to ensure they are working well. Hire trained technicians to perform timely repairs if your garage door malfunctions.

5. Other safety precautions:

  • Make sure garage windows are not left open
  • Never leave emergency keys in your garage
  • Check that the door between your home and the garage is locked before you leave the house and before you go to bed at night.
  • Do not leave door opener remotes in vehicles parked in the driveway
  • Add a door-open alert to the home security system
  • Lock your cars and remove any valuables (even when you park in the garage)

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Visit our showroom to see a large selection of garage doors in the Bay Area. Our trained technicians will ensure proper sizing and fit to avoid common operational problems. We provide a Diamond Certified® Performance Guarantee on your new garage doors. Should a problem occur, we will efficiently diagnose and fix the issue. For over years, GDI Garage Doors has been the preferred garage door company of homeowners across the Bay Area, CA. You can count our quality products to secure your home and garage.

Contact GDI Garage Doors about how to prevent thieves using your garage door to enter your home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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