Why You Need An Insulated Garage Door

With so many quality basic garage doors available, you may wonder why you need an insulated garage door.

The professionals at GDI Garage Doors often recommend insulated garage doors to our customers considering an upgrade. We believe that, even in temperate California, an insulated garage door is worth the additional investment compared to an uninsulated garage door.

Here are the top reasons why you need an insulated garage door:

  • Energy savings. The No. 1 reason to purchase an insulated garage door is to lower utility bills through reduced energy consumption. Attached garages transfer heat to a home’s interior. An insulated door that lowers temperatures in the garage by ten degrees, for example, can make a significant difference to a residence’s overall energy usage.
  • Quieter operation. GDI Garage Doors' customers frequently cite noisy operation as a reason to replace an old garage door. Older garage doors with loose chains, worn rollers, and hinges that need lubricating can sound like passing freight trains as they open. Insulated garage doors, due to their structural integrity, open and close more quietly than uninsulated doors. If you want to lower the decibel level of your door’s operation substantially, consider a belt-drive opener.
  • Your garage becomes more useful. Ever had the urge to clean out the junk in storage, only to think twice when you realize the temperature in the garage is above 100 degrees? Maybe you would like to create a small workspace to pot flowers or do some woodworking in your garage. Even when the garage itself is not insulated, an insulated garage door moderates temperatures so that playing or working in your garage is more comfortable.
  • Insulated garage doors are built to resist the damage that often occurs with heavy use by active families. A door with insulation between two outside layers is particularly sturdy and can outlast a single-layer garage door by several years.

Good News – We Can Customize Insulated Garage Doors

GDI Garage Doors has good news for homeowners who appreciate the practicality of an insulated garage door but also wish to add to the curb appeal of their home: Insulated doors can be customized to reflect the aesthetic of your residence.

Today’s insulated garage doors come in many colors, textures, and materials. You also can choose windows of many shapes and sizes, accent features such as the hardware, and the overall style of your new garage door.

Most homeowners purchase a garage door only occasionally. Don’t worry if you know little about selecting and installing a garage door. A GDI garage door expert can answer your questions and recommend a garage door that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Call GDI Garage Doors for Professional Garage Door Installation

As a homeowner, did you know that replacing your tired garage door with a new model offers a significant financial return? An article in Remodeling magazine reports that garage door replacement, with a moderate initial cost, brings greater value than a kitchen renovation.

Improved curb appeal, energy savings, moderate temperatures and outstanding return-on-investment are all reasons why you need an insulated garage door. Schedule an insulated garage door installation with the help of a GDI Garage Door professional.

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